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About Amanda & Her Family

Amanda is wife to Robert and mom to fraternal twins, Rayna and Orion; and singleton, Aniya. They live in a small town in Northern Maine with their three cats and one dog.

Amanda works full time as a Legal Administrative Assistant at a local law firm and Robert works full time at a local potato mill.

Amanda has not always wanted her own children, but always said if she did the perfect scenario would be to have boy/girl twins because then she could be done. Twins does not run in either hers or Roberts family, so it was quite a surprise when that is what God gave them. Since having the twins, Amanda and Robert had decided they would love to have another one and added one more bundle of joy in September, 2020.

One thing Amanda has wanted to do, even during the time when she did not want her own children, was become a gestational surrogate (GS). One of the requirements to becoming a GS was to have had your own child(ren) first. The agencies want to be sure you can carry a pregnancy to term. Some agencies even require that you be done building your own family because every pregnancy comes with the risk that you cannot have another.

Amanda has decided to journal about her path to become a GS from start to end. Subscribe now so you do not miss anything!

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