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Moving Forward…

Nothing much has happened since stopping meds. My IPs had their meeting with ORM and decided they want to keep pushing forward. So move forward, we shall! 🙂 Just like last time, we’re waiting on my second period post med stop. I had one within a week of stopping meds. They need me to have a second one so that they know my hormones are back down to normal. I’m on day 37 of waiting and last time it took my body 66 days to get my second period from day 1 to day 1.

The clinic is having me do a SIS ultrasound between day 6-14 of my cycle this time around. They said it’s required every 6 months before a transfer, if not pregnant. A SIS is a saline infusion sonohysterography. It is a procedure to evaluate the uterus and the shape of the uterine cavity. It uses ultrasound and sterile fluid to show the uterus and endometrial (uterine lining) cavity. The ovaries are also seen. The purpose is to detect any abnormalities and to see the structure of the uterus. This is a very safe procedure and usually is performed without incident. Serious complications are rare. The most common serious complication is pelvic infection. However, this occurs less than 1% of the time and usually occurs when a woman also has a block or infection of the fallopian tubes. It may also cause cramping, spotting, and vaginal discharge. Some women have cramping for several hours after the procedure. It is often recommended to take a medication such as ibuprofen before this test. Some doctors may also prescribe stronger pain medication and/or antibiotics before the procedure.

I had one of these back in July when they flew me out there for medical clearance. Everything looked good then, and ideally everything will still look good now. I should be able to do this locally at my OB’s office.

I won’t have a new med calendar or transfer date until we get this period and SIS done. Then we’ll proceed on. I’m really hoping and praying that this next little embryo is the one God has planned for me to carry and grow until they are ready to meet their parents. It breaks my heart that so many struggle with things like this. I just have to keep praying that it’s Gods will for me to be able to help my IPs with their family.



Transfer #2 & Beta

April 2… Flying from Presque Isle, Maine to Portland, Oregon!

We got to meet my IPs in person finally. They picked us up at the airport and we went to dinner at a place called Duck House Restaurant. It was so good. I don’t think I’ve ever had Chinese food that was so good. So if you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, I highly recommend you go here. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s so nice inside and the food is great. My IPs weren’t able to stay for the transfer, I gave them a little pre-transfer good luck gift of some pineapple socks and pineapple candies. I did fail to get pics with my IPs, but we got socked feet pics the next day! I love flying over Denver and seeing all the mountains.

April 3… TRANSFER DAY!!!

Transfer wasn’t until after lunch so the hubby and I got to explore a bit of Portland this morning. We started right off and walking to find breakfast. Went to a place calls Grits n’ Gravy, came highly recommended by my IPs that had brunch there during their stay in Portland this weekend. And I love Grits and can’t seem to find any good ones near me in Maine. After breakfast we went to Target as I realized I forgot my jeans that I wanted to wear for the flight home and wanted to see if Target had anything and it was the only other place that was open following breakfast that we wanted to go to. Target legit only had one pair of jeans that fit me… and they’re too short, so they’ll be turned into capris or shorts soon. Then we were able to explore Powell’s Books, also recommended by my IPs. This place didn’t look as big on the outside as it truly is on the inside. Could easily get lost and spend hours in this book store. There were rooms upon rooms upon rooms and levels. I think there was three levels to this place. It was huge. We headed back to our room to prep for transfer after Powell’s. Transfer went well. Embaby was hatching beautifully. The struggle I have is going into transfer with such a full bladder… I embarrassingly peed on the table during the procedure this time… I was told it happens all the time and to not worry about it. But it’s still super embarrassing. Haha. Following transfer the rest of today was bed rest along with the following day, April 4. Nothing exciting. Just food, Netflix, reading, and a partial game of Phase 10 (I was too tired to finish). The hubby did go for a walk on April 3 to get us some McDonald’s (gotta have my fries post transfer) and then another walk on April 4. He got us some baked goods from a bakery, another recommendation by my IPs and we ate those goodies on April 5 for breakfast. They were so good!

April 5… Flying from Portland, Oregon to Presque Isle, Maine (Home)! We got stuck in Newark on the way home… our flight cancelled. That is all. We got home on Thursday evening just before the kiddos bedtime. I hate Newark airport, but I know it wasn’t their fault, the weather in Presque Isle was bad. This is a photo of the airport that looked more like a parking lot for delayed/cancelled planes. Newark was a mess with the weather in the Northeast this evening.

April 3 – April 12… This is known as the two-week wait… I know it’s not really two weeks. I asked my coordinator about it and she explained it better to me stating, “So it’s a 2 week wait because that’s how long it would take in a “traditional” way of getting pregnant. You have to figure that the embryo is 5 days old, so you’re 5 days ahead of the game. Add 5 to 9dpt and that’s 14 days, hence the 2 week wait.” Makes more sense to me seeing it that way. My beta is on April 12, which when I go in and have my blood drawn, it’ll be almost 8.5dpt.

April 10… I’ve taken a daily home pregnancy test since Friday (3.5dpt). Today I’m 6.5dpt and they’ve all been negative. I’m a little saddened by this, but I’m also told that it’s not over until Beta. So my hopes are still there. But I still wonder, why is this not working for me like it’s working for others. Another surrogate had her transfer the Wednesday after mine and she recently posted a home test from 4.5dpt and there was a faint line for positive for her. These tests are reminding me of transfer #1 and I’m thinking it didn’t work… again. I have one test left and I’m either going to do it tomorrow night or the morning of Beta ahead of the blood test.

April 12… Beta Day! I took my “last” one from April 10 that night and it didn’t work (no lines at all). So I bought that pack of two tests April 11th and took one that night and again this morning, April 12 and both negative. I am still hanging on to a little hope because it’s not over until Beta. Beta test was this morning around 7:15 am and as of right now (8:21am) I’m still waiting for the results to pop up in my portal.

I’m personally having a harder time with the news this time around. Mostly because everything was looking great with the better lining and everything. I wish there were answers as to why it doesn’t work. But they do say it’s always just a 50/50 chance. But why is it working first time for so many others and not us? There’s no answers… I want this so badly for my IPs and I feel bad that it hasn’t happened yet. I’m their first attempt at this and I want it to work.

It’s 9:50am and my results are in… They apparently were on my portal shortly after 8:00am, but when I refreshed it didn’t work. I ended up signing out and signing back in. Beta: Negative 😦

What’s next… Same as last time, I’ll have to stop meds and they’ll be meeting with the doctor to determine the next steps.

Almost Time for Transfer!

February 23, 2023 — Meds Arrived! It’s time to get this show on the road! I’m anxious and excited. Nervous as well. The process is all the same, but the feelings are real. Last cycle didn’t work and we don’t know why. Fingers crossed that this cycle works!

February 25, 2023 — First Lupron Injection! These are the easiest. I barely feel them at all. Super tiny needle.

March 8, 2023 — First Delestrogen Injection! Rob helps me with these ones. They’re in my backside like the PIO injections and it’s just easier for someone else to do it for me than me trying to twist around and do it myself. I did that once or twice (once at home to make sure I could and second time in an airport). It’s doable, but super awkward positioning for me doing it myself. These are done twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday).

March 14, 2023 — As of today, I’ve had no symptoms from all the meds other than itchiness. I didn’t have any symptoms last time. So the itchiness could be from the meds or just my dryness from winter. Who knows? *Shrug*

March 17, 2023 — Lining Check! I’m in Falmouth this morning for my lining check. Fingers crossed all is well and even better than last time.

I’ve been drinking pomegranate juice daily through this cycle, along with eating 2-3 brazil nuts daily. These two additions to my daily diet are things I found while researching things that could improve implantation success rates. I don’t know if it’ll help, but it’s not going to hurt. And they taste good, so I’m not out anything haha.

Lining check results are in… We’re nice and fluffy and ready to go! Transfer is staying as scheduled for April 3! My lining last cycle was 8.5mm… this cycle is almost doubled at 14.4mm! I credit the pomegranate juice and Brazil nuts!

April 3 is the date!! Hope embaby is ready stick and stay put!!

Ready for Transfer #2!

Feb 7, 12:30 PM — You guys! My period has finally started… 66 days from the last one and I’ve got my period and I’m ready to go with Transfer #2! Just waiting now to hear from ORM as to when we start everything and when our next potential transfer date is. I’m feeling super excited and ready for this. My IPs are ready when I’m ready and I’m hoping this is the one!

Feb 7, 3:00 PM — Heard back from ORM and they’ll begin planning the next transfer “in the next week” and I’ve been advised to start my birth control Thursday.

Feb 9, 1:00 PM — ORM is hoping to have potential timing available for review on Monday! Also, I take my first birth control for transfer #2 tonight.

Feb 10, 2:00 PM — ORM sent me a tentative calendar! Just waiting for IPs approval! All dates work for me. Just need to make sure it works for them!!

Feb 13, 8:00 PM — IPs have approved the calendar! Our next transfer, as long as everything goes as it should with hormone levels, is April 3!

We’re ready to go!! Send all the good sticky thoughts for round 2!

Still Waiting, but getting somewhere…

January 27

10:46 AM — As the title states, I’m still waiting. BUT we’re getting somewhere. I’m on day 54 of no period since the first one following stopping meds. Yesterday, I went out in a snow storm (snow day from work), to get some bloodwork done so that they can check my hormone levels. Haven’t heard or seen those results yet. Our local lab has to bring STAT labs downstate 3 hours to get them done same day. We had a snow storm… so the arrival to the downstate lab may have been later than normal. My ORM navigator contacted the lab last night and was told that she should have my results today. My results will tell ORM whether I’ve ovulated or not. From there, they will decide whether to start me on Provera to help my period get started or not. It depends on what my results show.

12:00 PM — I called the lab around 11:30 a.m. to check on the status of my labs… they did the same thing they did to me once last cycle and MAILED MY BLOOD for the labs that were supposed to be same day results. I complained… and they’re FINALLY making it right. I went back and they did a re-draw. But then they said the next carrier doesn’t pick up until 3pm EST… which would end up at the STAT lab at 6pm EST / 3pm PST. I told them that was completely unacceptable and I wanted them there sooner because ORM wanted my results yesterday. So the manger in the lab is driving them herself 1 hour south to a different carrier that will get them to the STAT lab by 3pm EST instead. Thank Goodness… This happened one time before during my med cycle during transfer #1… I don’t understand why they can’t just follow the lab orders. What’s so hard about that? I have been reassured by the manager, that this will not happen to be again. Last time, I drove to the STAT lab the next afternoon when we learned they mailed my results. Glad they decided to do it themselves this time. To top it all off… I went to McD’s after my re-draw cause it’s lunchtime now and I’m beyond mad and hungry, I’m HANGRY at this point. There was a deal for spend $1 get a free Medium Fry… I get it and go around a corner and my fries fell all over my car floor… Normally fine, 5 second rule because I’m hungry and I know what’s been on my floor haha! But it’s gross weather season right now and my floor is nasty from slush and ice salt, etc… I lost my free fries and I cried about it… Hopefully this day will turn around for the better now that I’ve had a sandwich and am no longer hungry at least.

8:00 PM — Got my results. Estradiol is 70 and Progesterone is 2. With these levels, my body is moving in the right direction and I should have a period by Tuesday. And if not, I should in two weeks from today (according to ORM). So no Provera to jump start my cycle. Continuing waiting.

Until next time… have a great weekend!


I know it’s been quiet around here, but nothing new is happening right now.

I’ve had one period since I stopped meds the end of a November. My clinic requires that I have one more period before we move ahead again. They want my hormones back to normal. I’m on day 35 of my cycle and still waiting for said period. I’ve been told it can take up to 60 days. So we’re still waiting.

In the meantime, I’m trying to be a little more active with some light dance cardio. And trying to eat better and drink less caffeine. The caffeine is a hard one for me, but I’m getting there.

Once I have a transfer date, I’m going to try a few things I researched that somehow help with implantation of the embaby. One glass of pomegranate juice every morning, grab some Brazil nuts for small daily, and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. It’s hard to do the pineapple core days before and after transfer. Can’t exactly fly with a full size pineapple and knife.

The “Two-Week Wait”

That’s what they call it, from the day of transfer until your Beta (blood) tests. But why is it called the two-week wait when technically my first beta was 9 days post transfer… wasn’t exactly two weeks.

During this two-week wait, I started taking home tests 5dpt (days post transfer) as other surrogates do. I had a negative every test. I had one test that I thought I had a squinter of a line, but it disappeared the next day, so I’m thinking it was just the evaporating line. But they say it’s not over until Beta.

November 30, 2022, at 7:00am I had my blood drawn for Beta #1. Got my results at 8:00am and they came back at less than 5mIU/ml, which is negative for pregnancy. Embaby didn’t stick. Now to wait and hear from the Clinic on what’s next. Do they still want me to do Beta #2 on Friday, December 2nd or not. We shall see. It’s currently only 6:00am their time (3 hours behind me), so I won’t know what they want until later.

As of 6:20pm, I heard from my clinic. No beta on Friday. I’ve been told to stop meds and to wait for further instructions. So now waiting for a period.

Do I think I’ll take home tests the next time? Not sure… It kind of prepared me for it this round, but I don’t know that I liked it haha!

Embryo Transfer!!

Day 1 was a lot of travel. Woke up at 3am EST for our flight out of town at 6am EST. Landed in Portland, Oregon at 9pm PST… at this point, I’ve been awake 21 hours. I like to take pics traveling, but I won’t post them all. Just a TikTok I made from some of them.

Did see this cool contraption in the San Francisco airport! It made us an iced hot chocolate, which was really good.

Day 2 is TRANSFER DAY!!!! Met up for brunch with my coordinator, another surrogate with the same transfer day, her sister, and my hubby. Ate at the restaurant right in the hotel and it was amazing! Transfer went well! And bedrest following. Made sure to get some McDonald fries, pomegranate juice, and pineapple. I fully intended on a short nap and pineapple following. I fell asleep around 5pm PST and didn’t wake until 12am PST. Asleep again by 1am PST. Here’s another video of my day.

Day 3 is bedrest. Woken at 5:30am PST to many phone calls from home. Our girl head bumped with another kid at morning recess, fell, ended up with bleeding teeth. Nurse felt we should get her looked at because the teeth loosened and the gums were a little purple. Talk about how to feel useless. Wish we could have been there for her. I was able to get her into the dentist. But I felt bad for our care too because we failed to leave her with doctor information just in case. Not thinking we’d need it. We also aren’t used to needing to leave this information, as we usually don’t both leave the kids for a long period of time together.

This day was spent with lots of TV, card games, book reading, sleeping, etc. not being allowed to sit higher than a 45 degree angle while on bedrest, definitely limits you. I’m able to get up for the bathroom, but that’s it. 😆

Day 4 is another long day of travel. Flight out of Portland, Oregon is at 7:45am PST. With an estimated landing in our hometown at 11:51pm EST. Picking up the kids Thursday morning.

Now the waiting game… first beta test is 11/30 and second is 12/2. Stick baby stick!!

Update Ahead of Transfer

My last post I wrote about how I had to go to an IVF Clinic in New Hampshire for a repeat ultrasound to check my uterine lining. That happened and all is perfect! Transfer is still a go for 11/21!

November 15, 2022, started my Progesterone In Oil (PIO) injections. These are daily for awhile. I think I’ve been told they last until 2nd trimester of pregnancy. I can’t recall. A friend came and helped me do my first one because I was nervous to do it myself and Rob was out with a friend. I did my second one last night all by myself. Rob was home, but figured I should try to do it myself ahead of traveling. Just in case there’s no family bathrooms at the airport where Rob could help me.

My experience with the PIO so far hasn’t been bad. But I’ve only had two shots so far, next one is tonight. I didn’t apply heat after my first one and the next day (Wednesday) I was tender at the injection site (kind of just felt like a bruise). Last night when I did my second PIO, I did apply heat and today it’s not as tender. Trial and Error. This will be my surrogacy life for awhile. Maybe I won’t get knots like everyone else, we shall see haha. I’ve had no symptoms from the medications, which has been a plus. Easy Peasy is what I’ve been saying.

Transfer is Monday! I’m so excited. Rob will be coming with me. We fly out on Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. EST and don’t land in Portland, Oregon 9:00 p.m. PST (12:00 a.m. 11/21 EST). 18 Hours of travel, but totally worth it.

My IPs won’t be present at the transfer like they’d hoped. They have had travel plans for the week of Thanksgiving for quite some time.

So couple prayer requests for those that pray… Pray there are no flight issues/cancellations/delays. Pray for safe travels for myself and Rob to/from Portland, Oregon. Pray for safe travels for my IPs on their Thanksgiving travels!Pray the little embryo sticks and all goes well.

Thoughts and Prayers Needed

I need all the thick and fluffy thoughts tomorrow/Friday! Ugh! What a week.

Had my lining check and bloodwork on Monday. Found out midday yesterday my labs weren’t sent stat. Left work early to drive 2.5 hours to get to a lab to redo my bloodwork stat.

Returned home and found out bloodwork and lining check don’t align. Bloodwork is great, but lining showed only 2mm measurement. They want a repeat ultrasound at an IVF Clinic.

Would you believe me that the closest IVF clinic that will see me as a non-patient of theirs is 5 1/2 hours away from me? Yup! The ones in Maine wouldn’t take me, so I’m driving to Portsmouth, NH tomorrow night. I won’t get to leave until my husband is home from work and my mom is joining me as co-pilot. 8pm tomorrow on route…

I’m so nervous that it won’t be where it needs to be and things will be delayed. Travel out of my area gets more difficult as the snow arrives…

Thick and fluffy thoughts for 7am Friday morning repeat ultrasound!